Advanced Genomics introduces miGene™

Advanced Genomics miGene™ testing platform is based on pharmacogenomics—the study of how genes affect a person’s response to medicines. miGene™ was developed in the Advanced Genomics clinical laboratory and is based on technology of collaborators from world renowned medical centers such as, Johns Hopkins University, UT Health Science Center, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Penn State Medical Center.


Genetic Addiction Risk Score      (GARS™) Test

Advanced Genomics has partnered with Geneus Health, the world’s leading Genetic Addiction testing company. Backed by nearly 30 years of research from Dr. Kenneth Blum, Geneus Health has created the Genetic Addiction Risk Score (GARS™) Test to help people better understand their genetic predisposition toward addictive behavior.  Click here for more information:  Geneus Health



Nutrigenomics testing was developed in collaboration with Genomix Nutrition, Inc.  It was designed to overcome all the challenges a provider can encounter when offering nutritional supplements to their patients. Our personalized Nutrigenomic Testing Service is a comprehensive solution for safer and more targeted nutritional recommendations for every patient.



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